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10th May 2019

Another week down 10th May 2019

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3rd May 2019

Friday again and a Bank Holiday Weekend. Shame it’s not going to be as warm as the last one but you can’t have Rainbows and Unicorns all the time eh?

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12th April 2019

I really am not of a fan of weeks where it’s all over the shop, catching up on smaller jobs, getting ready and prepping for the onslaught of spring and summer. Blokes here there and everywhere and I can’t keep up!! 

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5th April 2019

Well, what an end to a not too bad a week . . . Water utility company AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!! I feel it would be easier to pull my own teeth with a set of mole grips whilst on fire and trying to sing God Save the Queen!! Not so much a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, more like “Left hand, me? Nooooo I am the right knee, we don’t have any left hands here!” . . . Quick someone pass me the Gin!

Anyway back in the real world. Been a bit of a soggy week but busy nonetheless and we do need the rain.

Main man Az has been working his magic in Kent, burying an irrigation main, crossing streams and ditches, putting in new valves and eating humus with students! Strange world somedays. 

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29th March

Sunny Friday and nearly April! Thankfully the weather gods have been kind to us this past week or two and the weather forecasters at Aunty (the BBC for those young ones amongst us) are saying the weather is due to change, but don’t know when! Is it me or is that a bit like saying we think you will have a birthday this year . . . at some point?

Anyway what a week, sewage treatment plant works just titivating, concreting slab laid tidy up and titivate and lake filling plus titivating to make the area look nice, Oh and not to forget a quick pond liner installed . . .as you do in a day . . .this basically sums up this week.

The sewage treatment plant and pipework near Derby is all finished. Today is a tidy up day, making sure the client is happy, running through things and handing it over.

We finished the concrete slabs near Kidderminster, leaving them to thoroughly go off before we go back to fully tidy up, sweep off, remove the shuttering and leave ready for use. All being well the client will ask us to look at the rest of the yard once they see the benefits of these slabs.

The lake refurbishment near Chipping Norton is finished, just the last bits of titivating and letting it fill. It is spring fed and so far has taken over 10 days. I have said this many times before though it is looking really good. The client has asked us to look at some further works, pathways, tracks and a new road. It looks as though we could be there a few more weeks yet, which we don’t mind as it is on our door step, definitely another one of those “oh whilst you are here” jobs.

A previous client called us in as he had a problem with his pond. We suggested adding a liner, within seconds of receiving his price it was booked in, organised and in!! Had the go ahead on Tuesday, wanted it done quick so managed to organise men, materials and machines for Thursday morning and off site Thursday night.

The sun is in for the weekend so enjoy before Aunty changes her mind. Been a cracking week lads, thanks as always for your graft and hard work. Have a cracking weekend and we will see you Monday.


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Sunny Weather

My Life sweaty!!

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TESt 203

May be getting there

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Test 97

Gave it a few mins

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Test 6

Will forget this tomorrow

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Test 2

Still Practising

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It's March

some brief introduction

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Snowy Weather

The beast form the East 2

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